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What is satellite?

Satellites are placed in a fixed orbit around the Earth, while the satellite connects to a ground station attached to the Internet. A satellite connection means that the user does not need a telephone line or any other ground connections, as in the case of the system sending and receiving signals from a satellite without any obstacles.

  • Advantages
    • Data Transfer Rate 1:1 1:5 1:10 1:20 Unlimited Usage
    • Professional and business services
    • Great Coverage
    • High speed availability
    • Technical support 24 hours a day
    • Prices do not accept compare
  • High Speed Satellite Internet

    Satellite communication is used in areas where the Internet is not available and the sites that are moving frequently are connected to the satellite available in the whole world. Including ships in the sea, land and mobile vehicles.

  • We use Acceleration and Balancing Technology (ANS)

    The customer connects to the Internet using optical fiber and we use the acceleration and simulation technology to increase the Stability and speed.

  • Short brief the idea of satellite Internet services

    For those who are interested everywhere and who are not able to access the Internet services and want to find the appropriate alternative is the Satellite Internet systems are independent alternatives that provide two-way broadband via a small antenna from anywhere to the extreme regions of the North and South Poles. There are more than 302 communications satellites in fixed orbit around the Earth

  • Coverage

    satellite positioned above the Equator can cover from South Africa to Europe and from the Middle East to the Maghreb. The satellite ka band beam directed at certain areas, coverage areas of many satellites in the section dedicated to our site. In general, small concentric coverage packages can be received using small SATBROADBAND Vsat Antenna IQ the stronger the coverage in an area, the smaller the size of the Vsat Antenna used and vice versa

  • Terms of use

    The satellite Internet system uses high-speed digital communication via satellite (SATBRO VSAT ) to the backbone of the Internet Backbone, moving data from the client's system to the satellite and then to the teleport to redirect it to the Internet. Customers using dual Internet access over the satellite connection to the Internet through a system consisting of a sending and receiving dish, a BUC = Block Up-Converter, an LNB = Low Noise Block, a down-converter, and a special signal modulator The diameter of the dish is between 60 cm to 3.7 m. The Teleport uses several large and different diameters in the Network Operations Center (NOC).