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worldwide users are using our High-Speed Satellite Internet our high-speed Satellite Internet solution that delivers fast and reliable internet to difficult to connect spots around the world

SatBroadband is Superfast Anywhere Everywhere Powerful Features High-Availability Stable Internet Service Provider.

We're World leading Satellite Broadband Internet supplier and reseller of Satellite Internet equipment. We offer customers the best provision and value.


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Managed packages

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We are Satellite Broadband Provider

Advantages Unique to everywhere Satellite Broadband ...Vsat!

Works anywhere

Through the satellite Internet, you can receive satellite signals anywhere and everywhere without interference to the Internet service for you, where many of the networks rely on the transmission of the Internet in the isolated areas or satellite channels on this technology

High connection speed

satellite Internet speed Up to 22MB and the speed , The quality of the service varies according to the company of your choice, but what distinguishes the satellite Internet is that the movie you carry in 5 hours using the Wi-Fi is loaded in one hour using the satellite Internet.

Service Coverage

There are many remote places that have not yet reached the Internet because of the inability to build networks and connect cables to them,Creating a need for the Internet, which does not require all those complex things to connect the Internet

Technical support

In the event of any Internet crashes, the vsat Internet is easily supported, Technical support has a remote control program, which enables the technical support engineer to work remotely and repair the faults.


  • Download speed 2 Mbps
  • Upload speed 1 Mbps
  • Monthly quota Unlimited
  • subscribe fee Monthly
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  • Download speed 4 Mbps
  • Upload speed 768 Kbps
  • Monthly quota 12 Gb
  • subscribe fee Monthly
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  • Download speed 22 Mbps
  • Upload speed 6 Mbps
  • Monthly quota 30 Gb
  • subscribe fee Monthly
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Satellite Internet Services Premium Broadband Service VSAT Service

The following are the best satellite Internet services we suggest to you

Best Unlimited internet via satellite everywhere

Do not miss the opportunity to Enjoy Ultra high-Speed internet services


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